Hello! I’m a swimmer and swim instructor based in San Francisco, California.



In general, I teach Saturday late afternoons and weekdays (Mon-Thurs) at noon. My schedule varies week-to-week. Please email me to set up a lesson time.


Herbst Natatorium
St. Ignatius Preparatory School
2001 37th Ave
San Francisco, CA 94116

Pool entrance is just south of the main school entrance, between Rivera and Quintara, down a short flight of steps.


Note: For first-time lessons I strongly suggest doing a video analysis. Most of the important stuff in swimming happens underwater, and the video provides a much more comprehensive view of one’s stroke technique.

  Description Price
Video lesson (first-time) 45 minute one-on-one session (15 min filming + 30 min instruction). I analyze the video offsite and provide you a downloadable copy and typed analysis. $100
Video lesson (follow-up) 30 minute session including stroke filming and offsite analysis. $80
Regular lesson (no video) 30 minute session without video. $40

Fees are due at the front desk when you arrive. I accept cash, check (please make payable to my name), or Venmo. You are welcome to arrive ahead of time to warm-up, and to stay afterward to practice, subject to the general pool hours.


I coach Fog City Masters, a U.S. Masters Swimming Program in San Francisco. I am a certified USMS Level 1 and Level 2 coach, and completed the Swim Smooth Coaches Education Clinic.

I have over 30 years’ experience in competitive swimming - club, collegiate, Masters, and open water. I swim in San Francisco Bay year-round without a wetsuit as a member of the South End Rowing Club. For a list of my documented open water swims, see here. For a list of my other swimming related projects, see here.

I hold a bachelor’s degree from Princeton University and a Masters degree from Stanford University.

Contact Me

email: emorrison [at] gmail [dot] com